C & S Sweeping Services, Inc.

Phoenix Branch Physical Address: 

716 E. Tonto St. Phoenix, AZ 85034    

Mailing address:

PO Box 24479, Phoenix, AZ 85074-4479
Phone: 602.252.9471

Fax 602.252.9216

Please contact us by calling first. You may follow up by emailing the particular departments below.

Estimating: estimating@candssweeping.com
Dispatch: dispatch@candssweeping.com
To purchase equipment please call 1-800-265-6882 and ask for the Equipment Sales Department. 

Tucson Branch Location

2650 W. Verbena Ave., Tucson AZ 85705
Phone: 520.622.5326

Fax 602-252-9216

Dispatch: dispatch@candssweeping.com

Denver, Colorado Branch

5470 Newport St, Commerce City CO 80022
Phone: 303.286.9920

Fax  303.286.6574
Dispatch: coloradodispatch@candssweeping.com



C & S Sweeping transports our equipment to jobs outside of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Dump Trucks

Broom & Air Sweepers

Pavement Profiliers

our Services


We have a full service shop to attend to preventative maintenance needs. We have a fleet of service vehicles to support our out of town crews.

"Our Customer is Our Employer"


Water Trucks

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C&S Sweeping Services, Inc. is a second generation family owned company with 150 years of combined management experience in this industry. 

"Our Customer is Our Employer"

C & S Sweeping has a wide variety of equipment providing custom solutions for your specific project requirements.

  • Broom & Air Sweepers
  • Pavement Profiliers
  • Dump Trucks
  • Water Trucks
  • Side Cast Sweepers
  • Gannons

Our experience includes many facets of the construction and maintenance industry.

  • Federal, State, County and City Roads 
  • Construction Projects, Seal Coat, Crack Seal, Milling and Dirt Haul projects
  • Military and Civilian Airports
  • Proving Grounds and Race Tracks
  • State Parks, Subdivisions, Land Development Sites

Your requirements are our priority!

  • Estimates for services can be hourly, flat rate or square yard depending on the project.
  • Certified Payroll Reports can be filed electronically, (LCP Tracker, PDBS, etc.) or manually.
  • Insurance requirements are met.
  • Licensed and Bonded 
  • Badging at airports to work airside are completed.
  • Job specific business licenses are acquired.
  • Additional training and safety meetings required by the customer are attended.
  • UTRACS # 10106, Small Business Certified (SBC)