"Our Customer is Our Employer"


Broom & Air Sweepers

Air Sweepers

Our Tymco 600 PM-10 compliant* regenerative air sweepers specialize in vacuuming for crack seal, slurry seal for asphalt and concrete contractors, municipalities, large distribution centers as well as airport construction and maintenance. The floating pick up head adjusts to the curvature of the road for quality cleaning. We use polypropylene gutter brooms to reduce FOD at airports.

* PM-10 compliant means that the particulate matter emitted from sweeping is equal to or less than 10 micrometers. 

Broom Sweepers

The sweepers we use to service the customer's project are PM-10 compliant*, high dumps. We have the most up to date brands and models of equipment such as Elgin Broom Bears and Allianz Johnston. Many of our sweepers are within five years of manufacturer.  Our truck mounted attenuators meet Test Level 3 criteria. Advanced warning arrow boards mounted on our sweepers meet MUTCD requirements.