C & S Sweeping Denver Colorado Branch

The Denver, Colorado branch uses broom sweepers and air sweepers to service Colorado. If you would like services outside of Colorado or our other types of equipment, please call our Phoenix, Arizona branch at 1-800-265-6882.

The Denver, Colorado Branch provides Broom and Air Sweeping services. We can transport any of our equipment to Colorado for large projects. This branch services jobs in the State of Colorado and some jobs near the border of neighboring states. 

Physical and Mailing Address:
6375 Colorado Blvd.
Commerce City, Colorado 80022

Phone: 1-303-286-9920
Fax: 1-303-286-6574
Email: coloradodispatch@candssweeping.com

If your job is located in other states in the Western United States, please contact our Phoenix, Arizona branch at 1-800-265-6882.

"Our Customer is Our Employer"