The following videos explain the operation of the Super Broom.

View our Super Broom in action, below:

Large Production Sweepers

Super Broom & 14’ Side Cast

Super Brooms

The Super Broom is practical for large production jobs such as Milling, Chip Seal, Highway Shoulders and ACFC Strip jobs. The following features save time, increase productivity which increases your bottom line.

Each of the 4 gutter brooms operate independently. This allows us to adjust the sweeping path for the cut of the milling machine’s trench from 5ʼ to 12’6”. While the front brooms clean the top of the trench, the next set of gutter brooms clean the bottom of the trench both at the same time. The Super Broom can also sweep using only the rear broom.

The Super Brooms' conveyor rotates to load directly into a dump truck. It continues sweeping while dump trucks rotate taking loads to the dump site. This sweeper keeps up with the production of the rest of the road crew and reduces the need for several pick up brooms.  

C & S Sweeping provides innovative solutions for all of your pavement profiling, street cleaning and hauling needs.

14' Side Casts

Our 14' side cast broom is mounted on a motor grader with a sweeping path of 12' when the broom is at a 80 degree angle. It is equipped with Topcon sensors to adjust to the grade of the road. The water system has a high output to effectively suppress dust.

The equipment featured in "Large Production Sweepers" was designed and built by Steve Danielson, the Owner of C & S Sweeping Services, Inc. The principles behind the Super Brooms and 14’ Side Cast Sweepers are the same. Increased efficiency, increases production and adds value to your bottom line. The machines will remove debris such as millings or chip seal for Major Highway Projects. For more information please call C&S Sweeping at 602-252-9471.

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